Virtual PC 2007 & 2009 memory assignments

By Healer ·
Be it Virtual PC 2007 or 2009, do we count only the memory required by the host system and the only guest system that would be run at one time regardless of how many more virtual operating systems have been installed with one host system?

We can have multiple virtual guest operating system installed with one host system, can't we? However we can't start more than one guest system at one time, can we?

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What happened to your Virtualization situation? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Virtual PC 2007 & 2009 me ...


It's rather important because you'll run into another brick wall if you are opting for Virtual PC as an alternative. It won't work with Windows 7.

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I thought I had luck.

by Healer In reply to What happened to your Vir ...

Suddenly I remembered my daughter's laptop that wouldn't boot not long ago. Like what my the other post has said, I am trying to set up the virtualization or Windows XP Mode on her laptop which has Windows 7 installed at present.

I am also in the middle of setting up Virtual PC 2007 on one of my desktop. That's why I have this post.

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A bit of reading material

by Jacky Howe In reply to Virtual PC 2007 & 2009 me ...

Creating Virtual Machines with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


You should finish up a post before going onto something else. I like to work on one problem at a time.

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Setting up Virtual PC both 2007 & 2009

by Healer In reply to A bit of reading material

I am trying to do both at the same time on two separate computers if possible, trying to catch up really.

The article you quoted was good. I sort of knew of that but I wanted to be sure when they said running a number of guest OSes simultaneously they did literally mean it and they did not mean number of guest OSes installed. Sometimes things are said one way but are actually meant otherwise.

Could you please confirm your understanding and experience?

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I've had Win98

by Jacky Howe In reply to Setting up Virtual PC bot ...

XP Pro and Vista running in Virtual Machines at the same time. The host was XP Pro with 2gb of RAM.

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