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Virtual PC 2007 and 2004

By skandy100 ·
That is my PC configuration:
Intel E4500 CPU
Asus P5K SE Motherboard
Asus EAH3650 Display Card
Samsung 4GB Ram(1GB RAM x4)
Seagate 250GB Hard-Disk x 4
Host OS:Windows XP SP2

When I use Virtual PC, the guest operating system(Windows XP SP2 also) screen performance is become very poor.
For example, when I right-click the desktop of guest operating system, it can show the desktop menu very very slow. If I right-click many times on desktop, it will show many desktop menus.
Another example is when I just run the guest operating system, it should show the Windows Logo firstly. Under that logo, it show be a progress bar. But in the guest operating system, it cannot show that progress bar.

But when I uninstall Virtual PC 2007 and install Virtual PC 2004 SP1 on same PC, that is no any problem about that.

And I can run Virtual PC 2007 in old PC normally.

How to solve that?

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If you are having problems..

With the setup of Virtual PC 2007, then do not put it on, just keep to the one that does work the way you like it. If it is not broken why break it. Meaning if your old software is working nice and sweet keep it that way.
Get another computer to test out the new software.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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