Virtual PC usage for training

By westislander ·
We have a need to establish a number of PC for training purposes on a new application. I had thought of using MS virtual PC to esablish then clone the training PC's then somehow run up to 3 keyboards/Mice and screens of the one physical box. Has anyone tried this before? I can't theoretically resolve the issue of the concurrent KVM sessions. Does anyone have an idea?

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Virtual PC does not work that way

by TechExec2 In reply to Virtual PC usage for trai ...

Virtual PC does not work that way. It creates and runs one or more virtual machines within a single physical machine for a single user to use (one keyboard and mouse). It does not enable multiple real world users to use a single physical machine simultaneously.

You could use virtual PC to prepare standard test VMs that could be easily copied to each student's PC. Then, each student would run a copy of Virtual PC on his own PC and run that VM you prepared in advance. This would save you time creating, distributing, and recovering the standard training environments.

Multiple users can access a single physical machine using Microsoft Virtual Terminal Server. Each user will need a Microsoft Windows PC to access the server though.

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Remote Desktop

by josephschwartz In reply to Virtual PC does not work ...

You could also setup a centralized box and have the students remote desktop a VM computer. You can even use TS client that boots off the network to the Students VM image.
Below is a link to the information.

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RDP is limited to 3 connections, 2 remote and one at console

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Remote Desktop

So for a classroom environment, RDP is not the way to go. You will have to setup a true terminal server with TS CALs', or install Citrix.

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