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By rovoco ·
You're all going to think I've lost it, but I have been given a challenge which
really intrigues me. It involves setting up virtual PCs arranged serially as follows:
1. Build a solid PC hardware base, using a truly broad spectrum MOBD, such as Intel's DQ670W, which allows the use of high end processors, memory, etc., while providing legacy support for a floppy drive, parallel printer and PS/2 ports. Install the Windows 7 Professional 32 bit OS and all drivers for the hardware. Install applications for Windows 7 and test all.
2. Install the Windows virtual PC application for Windows XP and software
specific to that OS, update all drivers, etc., and test.
3. Running the Windows XP virtual PC, install MS Virtual PC 2007-SP1
to a separate partition. Then install the Windows 98SE OS and any
applications and games compatible with that OS and test.
In theory, legacy aps written for Win 98SE should run. In actual practice,
it may take a lot of "adjustments" to achieve success, but the challenge is
fascinating, don't you think?

I would appreciate any advice you can provide and would welcome your
suggestions. I have been somewhat successful in getting legacy games
to run on an XP box, using DOSBOX, which is a great piece of work, but
I feel that if the game could run in its original OS, the graphics and audio
would be much improved. One of the key problems has been the fact that
modern hardware runs so fast that everything is accelerated to an extent
that the game is just not playable. There are applications out there that
are designed to slow down video and audio response in XP, but they are
targeted to specific applications., such as learning to play a guitar. Any
help in this area would also be appreciated.

I will not be offended if you tell me to put together a Win 98SE box for
the legacy aps my client wants to run, but solving the challenge would
be much more fun and hey, if it works, hoo-aah!!!!

Thank you!

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