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By GSG ·
Does anyone know of a way to set up a virtual printer, either through 3rd party software (preferably freeware) or through Windows (Windows server 2003 Standard Edition) where I could share a virtual printer that would print to a file?

I'm trying to get a demographics sheet to print to a file from a 3rd party program on our iSeries. The printer is set up in my Windows 2003 server, and I can print to it just fine from any Windows machine, but our iSeries is not recognizing the printer. I'm trying to do all of this with no manual intervention.

Usually, when setting up printers in the iSeries, they are set up as IP printers. Since this is a virtual printer set up to print to file, the outq in the iSeries just sits there waiting for a connection.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Microsoft XPS Document Writer no good? NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Virtual Printer
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Reponse To Answer

by GSG In reply to Microsoft XPS Document Wr ...

No, the iSeries just sits there waiting for a connection and tells us it can't find the printer. It works spiffy from any Windows server or workstation, just not from the iSeries. I'm thinking that we need to spoof the IP address somehow, but I'm not sure how I'd do that.

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by ajaxnii In reply to Virtual Printer

Have you tried using google Print? I use it at home for my network and works really well.

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Reponse To Answer

by GSG In reply to Google

No, this needs to remain entirely within our network as it contains sensitive financial and medical information, and that would cause HIPAA issues.

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We may have found the solution

by GSG In reply to Virtual Printer

We found some notes on an IBM website that might fix this. Basically, we need to install the Print Service for Unix on this server. That will allow me to set up a virtual printer and assign an IP to it. Then, this service will allow me to configure the port to send to a file. If the instructions are right, and they look fairly comprehensive, I believe this should fix my issue.

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there are no dumb questions

by gscratchtr In reply to Virtual Printer

just dumb answers: I assume that the outque is doing lpr? if so, is the Windows lpd installed and started?

second, IIRC, if you want a Windows printer that will simply write to a file, there are some significant limitations to doing so; including, you must use the "Generic Text only" driver, and the filename will be fixed (ie, each file over-written). I wonder if using ftp would be a better choice.

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