Virtual Private Network

By nu4ever ·
How does one setup a virtual private network?

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u need some software first

by kavsek In reply to Virtual Private Network

1. dl OpenVPN ( or maybe some other free vpn software

2. you have to decide what kind of vpn connection u need (encryption, type of connection, certificat)

3. install vpn server modul on server, config it with some default values, run it

4. install client modul on all clients you need, config it, run it

if you have any server like ms 2003 it has vpn server inside under "routing and remote access".


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Hardware Options Available as well...

by danmcl In reply to u need some software firs ...

What you really need to do is evaluate what the VPN will be used for.

1. Is it a dial-in VPN, nomadic workers connecting in from coffee-shops, their homes etc.
2. An inter-office VPN connecting 2 sites with multiple employees at each.

The first scenario would be best (IMO) served with a solution similar to openVPN which deals with multiple connections quite well and as long as the bandwidth requirements weren't too high (beef up the box if it is, plenty of processing power to decrypt the traffic).

The second scenario would be better suited to a dedicated hardare VPN, I have experience of Cisco kit, using 2+ (multiple sites converging at head office) pix 506s with 3DES encyption. These can handle a *lot* of traffic flawlessly and are very secure. The initial cost can be a bit off-putting but the lack of maintenance required can help recoup some of that cost. It can also be worthwhile getting an external consultant in to do this unless you have cisco skills in house.
There are other hardware VPN solutions available but Cisco are all that I am familiar with at present.

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by nu4ever In reply to u need some software firs ...

Do I need to have a server?

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by joematus In reply to VPN

Look, you need to tell us what the VPN will be used for. Will it be host to host, host to server, or server to server. What will this VPN do? There are just so many VPN options for so many different situations.

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by nu4ever In reply to Depends....

OK I will be using this to work on computers in other parts of the state I live in. We run a POS and it would be easier to link up to them than travel 2 or 3 hours to each location. Does this help?

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I'm with Danmcl

by CG IT In reply to VPN

Danmcl has the right idea for POS systems in many different states and multiple sites [IBM POS? or MS RSM?].

you want something at the perimeter thats insanely secure yet allow someone remote access and Cisco's PIX is a great choice for that.

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