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By avasile ·
I am fairly new to this and I was wondering if I could get some insight.

My goal is to have a web server that will be hosted on a virtual machine; Hyper V runs on an Exchange Server with 2 NICs and plenty of RAM ( I shouldn't probably use Exchange server for this but the box is extremely capable and we are not using it that much).

Both NICs have static IPs in the format.

I added the second NIC with the intention to keep everything separated from the VM. My question is what IP Addressing to use to make this as easier and secure as possible?

If I give my VM a static IP in the range of 192.1.1.XXX where do I send the firewall to? To the IP Address of the External Network NIC? I would like to be able to change the IP addressing to something 192.168.xxxx but if I do that Exchange starts complaining.

I did read all the networking papers but none of them are mentioning any IP Addressing examples.

Thank you for your help.

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by avasile In reply to Understanding HyperV netw ...

So basically I do not have the ability to create my own networks with DHCP servers like I was able to do it in Virtual Server 2005?
All that HyperV is doing is creating a virtual switch?

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I cannot claim to be an expert on HyperV

by robo_dev In reply to HyperV

But it looks like you can reconfigure it to work the old way....I think I read that in one of those articles.

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Thank you

by avasile In reply to I cannot claim to be an e ...

Thanks for the help.
I'll figure it out

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