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    Virtual sim card app / settings/ APN


    by thomashollie19 ·

    I have an Android from Walmart’s StraightTalk that I’m planning to switch to Access Wireless as a replacement of a Lifeline Android that had a cracked screen and water damage.
    I am wondering if a virtual sim card can be installed and mounted while I wait for a new BYOP sim card to be shipped? Please include a link for reference if cited that could be a helpful reference guide in responses. Thank You.
    …NEW TO THIS SITE’S FORUM… I’m tech savvy and have worked for Apple’s tech support and also for AT&T’s mobility department, both in call center environments. I’m not an expert in programming or javascript or app development, but I can follow directions and get in and out of the rabbit hole without getting lost in the process. Thanks for your thoughtful answers and advice.

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      Reply To: Virtual sim card app / settings/ APN

      by birdmantd ·

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      Are you talking about an eSIM?

      Not all phones have/use an embedded eSIM and not all carriers allow them to be used on their networks. It is not an application you download from the internet or app store.

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      My bet is this won’t end well.

      by rproffitt ·

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      So many cheap Android phones from Walmart are locked to StraightTalk. And it’s a recurring discussion on how to unlock. To pre-emptively answer that question I’ll just write no.


      $150 to unlock the phone. R.I.P. and RIP.

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      Virtual sim card app

      by jd7180669 ·

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      Check Device Compatibility:
      Verify whether your Android device supports eSIM technology. You can typically find this information in your device’s settings under “Network & Internet” > “Mobile network” > “Advanced” > “Carrier.”

      Check Carrier Compatibility:
      Confirm whether Access Wireless supports eSIMs. You can visit their official website or contact their customer support to get information about eSIM support.

      Setting Up the eSIM:
      If your device and carrier support eSIMs, you might be able to set up the virtual SIM card by scanning a QR code provided by the carrier. This QR code contains the necessary carrier information to activate the eSIM.

      Temporary SIM Card:
      If eSIM is not an option, you might consider using a temporary physical SIM card until your BYOP SIM card arrives. Check if Access Wireless offers any temporary SIM cards that you can use in the meantime.

      Keep Physical SIM Card Intact:
      Remember that if you’re planning to switch your physical SIM card to the BYOP SIM card later, ensure that the physical SIM card remains intact and doesn’t get lost or damaged while using a temporary solution.

      I recommend checking the official websites of both your Android device’s manufacturer and Access Wireless for the most accurate and up-to-date information about eSIM support and any temporary solutions they might offer. Since my information is based on what was available up to September 2021, things might have evolved since then.

      Unfortunately, I cannot provide real-time links or references, but a simple web search using terms like “eSIM support [Device Name]” and “Access Wireless eSIM support” should help you find the relevant information and guides on the latest eSIM procedures and setup instructions.

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