Virtual SMTP in IIS6.0 And Reverse DNS for Email Delivery

By darnett ·
Ok - I Am hosting a web application that needs the ability to send an email via SMTP. To that end, I created an SMTP virtual server within IIS on the same webserver. Now the app sends emails perfectly. However, some domains drop the SMTP connection or refuse the email because the external IP address does not match the hostname with the receiver performs a Reverse DNS lookup. I have attempted a number of things to fix this, but to no avail. Rather than list those things here and possibly confuse the issue, can someone step me through what it is I would do if I were setting this up from scratch?

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by darnett In reply to Virtual SMTP in IIS6.0 An ...

Anyone out there have any advice?

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by darnett In reply to Virtual SMTP in IIS6.0 An ...

Wow. Not even a single suggestion?

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by CG IT In reply to Virtual SMTP in IIS6.0 An ...

see spammers use that tactic they create names but when one does a reverse lookup, nothing comes up. Lots of mail services block mail from domains that don't have reverse lookup zones configured.

so the "suggestion" that should be self evident is create a reverse lookup zone of the domain.

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Help to configure SMTP Virtual Server

by vipulpatel002 In reply to Virtual SMTP in IIS6.0 An ...

I have same application in my company, But i am unable to configure smtp virtual server for send email in application. so please help me.


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