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virtualization and its effects on organization in managers point of view !

By ali_manager ·
hello ,
recently i started to search about the different effects of virtualization on organizations !
not from IT managers point of view , but from staffs and head managers , what will be their reactions to changing organizations to use virtual machins ,
why they refuse ?!
how virtualization minmize their permissions ?
why head managers refuse ?
is it related to old staffs which is not like to keep up with envirement changes ?
and many other questions that a manager (non-it) will ask about the effect of this technology on his organizations

i will be glad if you people share your experience with me or if you found any useful link related to these issues .

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What it boils down to is

by dswope79 In reply to virtualization and its ef ...


Their reaction will most likely be based on your presentation of the virtual solution. Explain the benefits and flexibility as opposed to purchasing several physical machines. Present them side by side and perhaps even go as far as showing a demo.

An IT professional should provide due diligence when presenting a change in infrastructure operations etc. It has been my experience that you must clearly present both options with pros and cons of each and of include hard numbers. At the end of the day, YOU are the IT professional, not the CFO you are presenting to. It is our job to show him/her why it is more viable to move from physical to virtual.

Depending on budget and company, it usually turns out to be a no brainer.

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