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Virtualization: Hate the player but don't hate the game...

By cmeisch ·
Was looking for a podcast on virtualization and found TechRepublic after a Google search. Needless to say I was a member but just not a frequent as some. I did a search in forums and found a thread on VMware and if they need to worry about Microsoft and Hyper-V. The discussion took place in 2008? Well is a year later and has anything changed?
Three major players: VMware, Zen and MS (VMware the larger of the three)
I have read some reviews and they come up with:
VMware is the choice for those companies who have many small to medium applications. These companies also rely on ?Business Continuity? .
MS and ZEN. Need power houses that will perform over VMware with high IO applications like DB?s and apps the like, then pick one or both of the two (for those masochists out there)
Well my quickly educated opinions are the following:
VMware: HA, DRS, Memory over-allocation, Storage over-allocation (vSphere and a very big plus). Been in the game for a while now although I thought VMware was a product of Zen at one time. I may be mistaken. COST is a big pain. 3500 per proc ( +\- 20% depending on your purchase agreement). Then if you are a window?s shop you want to purchase MS Datacenter per proc (1800 per Depending on your agreement). If you want Linux, then your support costs will be added per Linux VM. Then there is the Window?s support software brigade that is needed to make sure you don?t get hacked, wacked and stacked (VScan, HIPS, Backup for those larger enterprises) so in the end, you?re up front software costs are around 10 to 12K going off of a two proc system. I have not even touched on the hardware yet.
ZEN: Don?t know about the HV costs. I am sure it?s cheaper than VMware however do you get what you pay for??? Good VM platform but no HA or DRS yet. I think their Mem and Storage management is still on the whiteboard.
Windows: RRRRRRR2222222? We shall see. The jury is still out on that one and will have to play some more. What have you seen? The Hyper-V still floats on a FAT OS in relation to its competition, and there are still those annoying reboots however if you ?vacate? your VM?s to another host? oh crap I don?t know if we can do that yet. Ok I have to shut down my VM?s for now and then reboot the host after patching? Bummer.
SO, why do I write? Don?t want to do the house work??? Like to hear myself type??? Well both plus I could not find someone out there that has evaluated and actually put some numbers in there? Here is your invitation and you don?t even have to RSVP. 

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