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Virtualization using VMWare

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
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Which virtualization software do you use? How often do you use a virtual machine?

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by Ziskey In reply to Virtualization using VMWa ...

We have no less than 40 production systems on VMWare ESX. With the P2V product we're able to migrate legacy systems without inviting the vendor back out for a re-install or spending money on hardware we don't need. Keeps the hardware costs per machine right around $1500. We had some issues with GSX on suse, but we may have been working them too hard.

On the workstation side, I keep 4 VMs paused and ready for testing and performing specialized tasks.

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by mr.novell In reply to Virtualization using VMWa ...

I use a combo of VMWare running on SuSE Enterprise Server or the XEN Project, We use VM heavily at my work.

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Isolating business groups

by Koke In reply to VM

We use VMWare to create virtual servers for each of our main server software packages (POS for cafeterias, Time Clock, work order, client management). Anyone of these major groups can be worked on without affecting any of the others. Plus, opening up a console to manipulate each server....awesome... Savings are great compared to purchasing PC server for each use.

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