Virtualized Server OS on Windows XP, Limitations?

By raid0 ·
Since XP Pro has a limit of 10 concurrent connections, I was wondering if a guest VMWare Server 2000 operating system would have the same limitations? (since it's "going through" Windows XP?) Will it work different with Bridged vs NAT?

The reason for my question, I am running Symantec Endpoint Manager on a Windows XP desktop. Once I added more than 10 clients I started running into issues (some clients connecting, some not... database not accessible, etc.)

Any comments or suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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you actually get less, the server comes with only 5 CALs

by CG IT In reply to Virtualized Server OS on ...

so you have to buy an additional 5 CALs or more and they aren't inexpensive. 1 user CAL typically costs retail, $70.00 USD.

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Already have User CAL's

by raid0 In reply to you actually get less, t ...

Sorry I didn't clarify. We already have enough User CAL's and Terminal Server CAL's (although the TS CAL's shouldn't matter here). 35 of each. Would the limitation of XP still effect the connections or would it take the W2K server requirements?

I guess the question reveals my ignorance on how virtualization works.

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the question is what are users connecting to

by CG IT In reply to Already have User CAL's

if they are connecting to the W2003 server then W2003 server requires CALs for each connection.

Here's a hint for a google search, W2003 server in a virtualized environment needs to use a network card, what happens? Are there subinterfaces on the network card?

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