By david.inwood ·
my brother in law has a virus on his computer and it has stopped his mouse and keyboard working and that is even before windows has started, does anybody have a idea of any software that we can use to get rid of the virus without needing the mouse and keyboard??

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Make sure

by Nirvaeh In reply to Virus

Are you sure it is a virus? You might try a new keyboard or mouse. Double check in BIOS that nothing is preventing them from starting. If that all still won't work, it might be broken hardware. I've never heard of a virus stopping a mouse or keyboard.

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Just at what stage does the Keyboard stop working?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Virus

If you can not enter BIOS then it's not a Virus but a hardware problem as there is nothing from the HDD running at that stage.

However if you can get into BIOS but not Safe Mode in Windows that is possible to be some form of infection though not a common one that I've ever run across.

The best solution would be to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and scan it on a up to date computer through the USB connection and kill off any infections that it has picked up. Though doing things this way is likely to damage the Windows Files and you are most likely to require a In Place Install to be done off the original Install Disc it's do able and fairly easy. But I would be looking at Hardware problems first.


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does not sound like a virus

by Jesus_C In reply to Virus

It sounds like a hardware problem.Change the keycoard and mouse

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Are these by any chance a USB Keyboard/Mouse?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to does not sound like a vir ...

If that is the case they will not work till the OS is loaded and will require the USB drivers to be installed or they will not work.

Try a PS2 Keyboard/Mouse if possible and that I think will cure your problem when you have the computer correctly loaded.


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by david.inwood In reply to Are these by any chance ...

The mouse and keyboard are ps/2.
it dosnt work from literally from power off, windows loads all ok and then in a balloon pops up saying that windows has found 87 suspicous files/viruses

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You were not very clear with your origional post

by Jesus_C In reply to Right

as you said the devices dont work before windows started.Boot your pc in safe mode and scan for virus's

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by david.inwood In reply to You were not very clear w ...

the keyboard and mouse dont start in dos, i get the chance to pick what i want windows to start in but not able to change it due to mouse and keyboard not working.

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what version of windows

by Jesus_C In reply to ..?

are you running?

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i am runnin

by david.inwood In reply to what version of windows
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And what hardware?

by Tig2 In reply to what version of windows

If you are locked out before a stage at which you can select safe mode to go forward, I would think that a different input device may help. Alternatively, you should be able to do as HAL suggests and take the HD to another pc and see if you can access it from there.

Your worst case scenario is to **** away the existing OS and rebuild. But if you are this badly infected, that might be your best idea anyway.

Good luck to you!

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