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By Tfnike ·
I had a virus that popped up on my computer and i have NOrta Anti Virus. Nortan removed the virus but my computer got messed up and froze for a second and the icon that says Windows has detected a spyware infection is still there. I did a full system scan and it came up with nothing and i restarted my computer and its still there. My computer runs the same and is fine, but the icon is still there.

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This could be a few things

by zlitocook In reply to Virus

If you are using XP and turned on the virus will come back from a restore point. First clean your computer (go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools, disk clean up) select all boxes and ok. Next turn off system restore, (To open System Properties, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab. )Then run norton, be sure you update it first. If you still get the message, boot into safe mode and run norton.
I just noticed you said spyware, is it spyware or virus? Down load spybot search and destroy, update it and run it. MS has their own spyware remover it is free for now you can try that too.

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Two things here

by Kiltie In reply to Virus

First, Nortons flagged a virus and dealt with it.
Secind Windows (?) spotted spyware.

These are two seperate things normally, although there is a grey area where they can overlap.

Windows by itself doesn't tag spyware, so what did?

I'd go with the other suggestion of Spybots S&D, in the first instance, although there are other methods.

AdAware is good too

But both these clean up the mess after getting infected with spyware/adware

there is a proactive approach with SpywareBlaster that stops that type of malware from getting into your computer in the first place.

All are freeware, and I use all 3 together with a couple of others, AVG Anti Virus and a firewall (currently trying several out), but I used to use mainly the propriety Nortons firewall, I am now looking at a few good free ones, Zone Alarm is recommended, and a new one from Comodo on my Win 2k Pro system is doing well.

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by butkus In reply to Virus

from only !
Get a current version. Install. Reboot
Run it in Safe Mode (F (XP - Vista)

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