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By dan_a_miller ·
My name is DON
OS win 2000
I am sure I have the Isass.exe virus on
my machine, I have tried several methods
to remove this virus off the machine still
my machine suddenly popup us a message
stating that the machine will shut down
How can I remove this virus off my machine?
Does win2000 have restore points??
or allow you to restore back to an earlier time.

Please help



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by Xanderoth In reply to virus

while going to that site, be ready to type shutdown -a at a run command so you can stay online long enough to read it =)

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by justmakingit In reply to virus

Did you try doing a virus scan? Blaster virus does this also. Is it happening as soon as you connect to the internet?

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by guenzler In reply to virus

This is the way I removed the virus from roughly 75+ computers at the shop I work at. Boot the machine into safemode with network support. Once there open up an IE broswer and point it to and use their free online virus scan. Once that scan is complete, close the browser and scan it again. Then once that is done boot back up into regular mode. Do a virus scan with Nortons or other program to cross check the system. Then keep your antivirus up-to-date and get the windows updates to patch your machine so it will not become reinfected. Hopefully that will work for you at removing that pesky Sasser or variant. This method also works for most of the other viruses out there. You can also pull the hard drive and scan it in a different machine, but make sure you scan it once you boot it back up otherwise you might still have some viruses that are only detect when the system is running still running on the sytem.

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