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By kachu116 ·
Curbing Spread of computer virus via e-mail

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by D_V Ant In reply to Virus

That is a lofty goal and I wish you luck. How do you intend to do this?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Virus

Let's just stop using e-mail, and go back to actually talking to people! That will stop virii.

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by DC_GUY In reply to Virus

The most common technique for delivering a virus via e-mail is to embed it in an attachment. The attachment needs to be something executable like .exe or .bat, even something with high-powered macros like .jpg . I'm not sure whether Word and Excel macros can be used to spread virus. Hackers often send attachments as .zip files because a lot of people will unzip them without checking the contents first.

The only file type that I'm positive can NOT spread a virus is .txt .

As an individual, the best way to minimize your chance of receiving a virus is to not open ANY attachment except .txt . You can't trust an e-mail from a friend for two reasons: 1. It might not be from your friend; hackers are very skilled at stealing e-mail addresses. 2. Your friend might not be as careful as you are and he might already have a virus that he is spreading.

I only open attachments from my wife after she's told me to expect it, so I know it's from her. I know she is diligent about virus protection. Besides, she has a Mac. Thanks to all you nice people who refuse to buy Macs (for some unfathomable reason you actually seem to prefer this wretched Windows environment), most hackers don't bother targeting Macs because it's no fun.

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