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    by agoldstein7 ·

    Norton antivirus has detected a virus, but when I try to quarintine or delete it, it fails to do so. It is a Trojen dropper named installer_georgetest.exe. When I search for the file, windows cannot find it(even searching hidden files)

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      by brddog ·

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      Restart in safe mode, run Norton and you should be able to delete at this point. If that does not work then go into msconfig at the command window and go to startup tab and uncheck all the boxes and restart. Good luck

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      by simon ·

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      You need to make a bootable floppy disk, put on your Anti Virus program files (there will be a version for floppy disks) and then restart your PC and from the bootable disk run the Anti Virus program.

      That will be your only way of getting rid of the virus.

      I expect if you check on the Norton web site it will tell you exactly how to get rid of your virus, they normally do, they will also tell you any paramiters you need to delete infected file.

      NB: Make sure you write protect your floppy after you made it.

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      by jschein ·

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      Two things… actually 3. Some will say norton is bad, some will say mcafee is bad. They both have good point to them, but norton is kinda picky when trying to remove virii.

      1. On that computer, if you have internet access, goto Will will download and run it’s FREE scanning program which will remove any instances of this virus.

      2. Goto – support – downloads and download their free to use ADAWARE program. Update it’s definitions and run it. It will remove all the spyware known to date and will suprise you of what bots got into your system.

      3. You may have to possibly re-install your virus scanning program, but ensure it is up-to-date and change your settings to auto-update / scan all files on access. – Should stop this from happening in the future. If the system is a server, I’d say schedule the update on it once a day around 11pm, workstation, update every other day around noon.

      Good Luck

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