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    by shailesh_g81 ·

    Respected Sir,
    Actually the problem is with only with 3 Machines and they are tremendously slow. Acutally I found the Virus it is Desktop.ini and Folder.htt and it cannot be removed so please help me out.
    Thanking you

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      by oz_media ·

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      The virus isn’t sactually desktop.ini or Folder.htt, these are just files that the virus infected.
      Your virus scanner wil say Folder.htt is infected with (name of virus). Restoring the two damaged files may not fix the problem, if you can rescan your system and post the actual virus name, you may be able to get further help.

      NOTE: Not to sound like a jerk but 5 points for such a question wion’t get too many responses. If you need help in the future, you will get mroe responses by posting a higher value, ie 150+. I will be happy to help you through this anyway but it would be better to provide the virus name so we can get it cleaned out properly.

      Here’s a points guideline:

      Simple Question: 5-95 points
      Moderate Question:100-150 points
      Difficult Question: 150 + points

      NOTE: not many people will even look at a question with less than 150 points awarded.

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