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    by shailesh_g81 ·

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I have a cyber cafe with Dishnet DSL Connection, I have 8 Machines being Celeron 500Mhz, all having Windows98. The Problem is that whenever I browse site the Machine gets stuck up and it works very slowly taking pauses I have Norton2003 installed on every Machine which is latest updated but still I m facing the Problem.
    Sir I request you to give me the solution for it atleast tell me whether it is infected with Virus and which (name).
    Thank You.

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      by fred07 ·

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      Do not panic. If yahoo is the only slow browse than it is the yahoo server is slow or their local connection to server is slow.
      As example; A dsl at 1meg connects to a modem at 56K all will be done at the 56K speed.
      I have encountered this even with fsl if the server is super busy every thing is super slow.
      I would call my ISP and ask one of their tech’s if this is a reported problem in your area.
      It is not a virus.

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      by aquaris ·

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      If it is infected with any virus then your anti virus software should be the one to identify it..

      Some suggestions.

      1- regularly clear the cache and temp files and cookies from your browsers on each station.
      Tools–>>Internet options.
      then clicking the delete file tabs..delete cookies tab…and erase history tab…should do it..
      history button also allow the number of days for which the surfing history is should choose say 1 week ..

      ..if the problem is just with Yahoo…then I suggest you contact your connection provider and ask him is he using any caching …software or techniques..if so then explain the problem to him he might help you better.

      Of course keep your anti-virus update and with regular scanning I would also suggest not to depend too much on just Norton Anti virus.
      search and you will find many with even online scanning can also utilize them..

      if you are sharing the connection then you might be yourself using some sort of proxy software..
      …and it must have some sort of caching option..also clear its cache…

      hope it helps…

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