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Virus and spy bot removal from client

By monkster ·
I have some clients that are infected with either a virus or some other type of malicious code. I have norton systemworks 2004 but having problems creating a bootable cd with the latest definations. The generic cd does not find anything and I do not want to put this client on the network. Any ides will be greatly appreciated.

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Removal Article

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

Hey monkster,

I had a personal experice recently with malware/spyware that I had to remove X-(

I wrote an article on how I removed the offending apps and I got some really good suggestions from TechRepublic members B-)

Check it out:

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by monkster In reply to Removal Article

This is the kind of info I was looking for. Looks like your idea of a bootable cd was in my head as well.

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Remember Licensing

by Paul Newell In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

Like MKaelin's article points out, Spybot & Ad-aware are a GREAT 1-2 punch for removing spyware on less-than-knowledgable user's desktops.

But keep in mind that Ad-aware is free ONLY for personal user; for corporate use you'll have to buy a license of you're violating their licensing terms.

Spybot, on the other hand is completely free. Although it would be mighty neighborly to float Pat a few bucks for his fine product via Paypal.

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McAfee CleanBoot 1.0 can do this

by alireza_tavakkoli In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

With McAfeeCleanBoot you can create a Bootable CDROM with update virusscan.

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Bootable CD's

by rkuhn In reply to McAfee CleanBoot 1.0 can ...

Recently, I've given up fighting viruses and what not that make booting up or staying booted up, etc difficult.

My "newest" strategy, and I say it that way because others have been doing this for a long time, is simply to keep a copy of BartPE or KKnoppix on hand.

Boot up using them, scan for viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, malware, etc. Clean and disinfection.


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by grewcockd In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

I have found the Fprot AV, bootable CD
with FProt4Dos on it very useful on PCs which are infected with viruses which stop other AV programs running. Will only work with Fat formatted drives, obviously!!
(free download from

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by paul7410 In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

1. Download the command line utility
2. Then download the latest definitions

3. Build C
double click sav32cli.exe it will extract to c:\sav32cli

then extract files in to c:\sav32cli

burn this folder to CD c:\sav32cli

4. Scan system:
Then boot system into safemode insert sav32cli CD and run

\SAV32CLI>sav32cli -remove -P=C:\LOGFILE.TXT

Optionally if you have time run

\SAV32CLI>sav32cli -all -f -remove -P=C:\LOGFILE.TXT

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Use Lots of Armor

by enicholson In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

I work with a tech support team helping 100s of clients around the us. In our experience, no one tool alone works. I will install Ad-aware, spybot, spbyblaster, spysweeper and user HouseCall and stinger to compliment the AV that is installed.
Also, I do not believe Norton is the best AV for the job. Try AVG or F-Prot or McAfee.
Good Luck!

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Basic Spyware, Trojan And Virus Removal

by G.Brown In reply to Virus and spy bot removal ...

This is quite a good article ... has lots of links for downloads and on-line scanners.

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Try Panda platinum

by mrleo1957 In reply to Basic Spyware, Trojan And ...

I recently switched to Panda 7.x platinum because it came with the IOLO System Mechanic 4 Professional. It found a lot of viruses my Norton 2004 was missing, without so much of a performance hit. Plus it tells me if anything in quarantine can now be cleaned. System Mechanic also has an adware remover (fairly lame) and a defragger that is worthless. Why can't they have one product that really works for everything???

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