Virus called "Bloodhound.Exploit.79"

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I made up some slide presentations in Powerpoint about 10 years ago. They consist of a single bmp picture on each slide. There were over 700 separate presentations consisting of 2 to 10 slides per show. We made a number of copies on to CD's at that time. We recently discovered that Symontec is finding the virus "Bloodhound.Exploit.79" on only five of the shows and it is on each of the copies that we made. I checked with McAfee's website and I can find no report of any such virus. I went to the MS site and found a report that the virus was out there and it was labeled critical. My question is twofold. Is it a problem and how can files that were written to CD 10 years ago have the virus but only on less than 1% of the files.

I probably should add that the original shows were made in Corel Presentations and then a batch file was written that automated the process of exporting each individual slide out of Presentations as a bmp and then importing that bmp into Powerpoint as individual slides, in effect, recreating the same slide show in Powerpoint format. The Powerpoint slides were, naturally, not editable. If there is any other info that is needed to be able to tell me how it was possible to infect only five shows and whether or not it creates a real threat, please contact me.

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First. Verify.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Virus called "Bloodhound. ...

Before you spend a lot of time and concern...

It may very well be a 'false positive' identification. That is, Symantec may be wrong and it is really not a virus.
It's best to get a second or even third opinion.
Here is a free on-line scan offered by BitDefender: .
And another by TrendMicro: .

I have found both to more reliable than Norton.
Actually for every day virus protection, I prefer AVG. You can get AVG free here:

Beyond that, if there really is a virus involved, it may be embedded in a particular graphic(s) used in the slideshow and therefore only those shows containing those graphics would throw a flag.

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