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Virus Damage Help Please!

By whoopydee ·
Hi GUys, Can you help me. I managed to get a nasty virus that promptly took over the windows start up and presented a 'You need to Register Windows' dial up now screen ... Dont dial and windows xp just shut dfown again. Ended up reloading wondows over the old one ... PROBLEM NOW IS THIS I cant open up my old previous my documents!!! even with admin level user I still cant get into or move my old user mydocs files.

I cant wipe the drive as I have info I need in the folder and some of them were not backed up at that point in time. Can anyone please help me sort my problem out. I dont mind wipiing the drive as long as I can I hope get my emails and the contents of the old my docs folder.

Thank You

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Remove your winchester and put into another XP system

by pika_ro In reply to Virus Damage Help Please!

Remove your winchester and put into another XP system. Start that computer, log in with admin rights and then you can copy your data from Documents and settings\(yourusername)\Documents to any other location outside the protected folders (eq.c:\New folder\). Try it!
Have a nice day!

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Pika...Your Reply

by whoopydee In reply to Remove your winchester an ...

Pika, I assume you mean remove the affected hard drive (Winchester) and place it into another machine? and then I can copy the files out.

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Yes, thats what I mean

by pika_ro In reply to Pika...Your Reply

Yes, thats what I mean, but you have to boot the other computer from its harddrive and configure the "bad" harddrive as secondary master or slave, or primary slave (in that case you have to replace jumpers on "bad" winchester to slave position) thats work on every permission-related problems.

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Fix the security permissions

by flabdablet In reply to Virus Damage Help Please!

This sounds like a Windows XP Home thing. In XP Home, when you check "make these files private", Windows actually changes the folder's owner and removes the Administrators group's access permissions.

To fix it, you need to right-click the folder concerned, select Properties, select the Security tab, click Advanced, select the Owner tab, and change the owner from what it's currently set to (which will almost certainly look like S-numbers-numbers-numbers) to Administrators.

You'll need to check the "replace owner on subcontainers and objects" box too.

You'll be asked if you want to replace all existing permissions with ones giving you Full Control; you do. After that, you should be able to do whatever you like with the files inside that folder.

By the way, Windows XP Home usually hides the security tabs away to stop people messing about with them. They show up in Safe mode, or you can download a little patch from to enable them.

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