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Virus ------ DEEPBLUE

By pifcerap ·
I found that my computer(OS is XP)shown blue screen of death several times.I am having Norton
I was in doubt and I downloded AVG free editn. and that detected it.The virus was crsrss.exe.I removed it manually and i got my computr out of blue screen.R ther viruses that can destroy the whole computer hardware functions.Is the one I told is of that type.I request somebody to help me to answer this.

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The best places for virus info

by JamesRL In reply to Virus ------ DEEPBLUE

Are the websites for the commercial software.

I found info about your virus at :

As for computer hardware functions, viruses are software. Your operating system is software. In the worst case scenario, you can always format the hard disk, reinstall the Operating System and applications. There have been viruses which can make the operating system virtually unusable.

The virus you had should not have had a major impact on your system, at least according to the information on the macafee site. I think there may be other issues with your system.


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Hardware Virus attacks...

by setantapc In reply to The best places for virus ...

What this gentleman may be asking is whether a virus can damage hardware ??

I had a friend in the past ask a similar question because there was some Internet Legend making the rounds several years ago. It stated that a virus (software) was killing hardware by either wiping the Bios (not likely) or by forcing the CPU to execute complicated mathematical commands for days on end finally burning it out.

There was heated debate on the possibilty that this could happen or not. At first glance you'd say of course not, but after more thought, why couldn't some script kiddie send an email with an attachment that repeatedly tried to divide pi by itself, or some equally CPU intesive challenge ??

Comments ??

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Properly functioning PC

by JamesRL In reply to Hardware Virus attacks...

Should be able to withstand such an attack. Heat does damage a computer over time, but a well ventilated computer will not be adversley affected by something like that - sounds like "War Games".


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by beads In reply to Hardware Virus attacks...

For the heavy math process to burn out a machine would require unhindered access to the machine. Meaning you can always unplug it and format the drive. Of course they would also have to be able to completely take over the BIOS to prevent you from being able to boot from disk or CD. Not likely. Too many BIOS manufacturers and versions to make this a wide spread threat. A single machine, maybe if it was extremely well targeted.

The best way to "burn out" a machine would be to use any number of the latest "burn in" or system testing software packages that really put a system through its paces. These are really used for system testing by manufactures and magazines like PC, ExtremePC and MaximumPC.

Not likely to cause permanent damage unless you test in an enclosed room with the heat jacked up to say 95+ degrees. That would certainly bake the machine into oblivion. Otherwise no. I don't see a way that software could physically damage hardware to the point of failure.

- beads

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