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Virus Found in Message information

By wellmax1.maxwell ·
Hi All,

I got this Message from one of my mail users very frequent,but the problem is virus scans on his computer show no threads.I also did some scan in safe mode and the same result. What can be happening here.Any suggestions

This is the message below.
Symantec AntiVirus found a virus in an attachment you ( sent to

To ensure the recipient(s) are able to use the files you sent, perform a virus scan on your computer, clean any infected files, then resend this attachment.

Attachment: Information
Threat: W32.Netsky.P@mm!enc
Action taken: Delete succeeded
File status: Delete

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by bcot In reply to Virus Found in Message in ...

It is possible that the psot office email scanner is deleting an infected file. The sender may have out of date anti virus software on their machine.

The virus has the enc part added when found by a detector. The selected/infected file is probably still in existence with the enc added.

This is a mime problem see
for some advice on how to deal with it. The user need to keep the security patches uptodate. This was patched last year - I think it was a vunerability in Explorer affecting outlook etc.

Turn off the preview function in the email program - View menu,layout,uncheck preview.

Also don't foreget the issue of restore in ME and XP. Its best to turn these off start the computer in safe mode and then scan your computer. Otherwise the virus may be untouched in the restore folder.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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by wellmax1.maxwell In reply to Virus Found in Message in ...

The virus definitions are up to date.
the computer using win98.
ran a scan in safe mode already no virus found.

The user in the first instance did not send the mail.I suspect someone is spoofing his address to make it appear as him

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by razz2 In reply to Virus Found in Message in ...

Someone is infected that has both of you in their address book. The virus spoofed the from line as yours. Take a look at the header to help find the origin of the message.


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by f-178765 In reply to Virus Found in Message in ...

You can not believe anything in a message when a virus is involved. Depending on the virus, almost anything that you would like to believe (including that the message was scanned) may be untrue. The main thing is that you caught the virus and are able to do something about it.

Netsky is a pretty common pest and fairly easy to control the damage. Were you able to clean the message, or was it sent to "quarantine". I have been using AVG for quite some time, but recently switched to AVAST. Although AVast does not have the most intuitively easy interface to use, it does appear to offer superior protection with incoming mail, ICQ, and MSN.

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