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By Techjunkie ·
I've been passed a pc which has a nasty virus on it - problem is I can't get Windows to load fully - even in safe mode - all i get to is the wallpaper and an egg timer - left it for 20 minutes but just refuses to work. Is it a wipe clean and start again job? Advice would be greatfully received.

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by JamesRL In reply to VIRUS HELP

One solution is to find another PC, with up to date anti-virus and spyware removal tools on it, attach the HD as a slave, and clean it.


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More one for tech Q & A

by LiamE In reply to VIRUS HELP

More one for tech Q & A but here goes.

Best bet will be to put the hdd in another PC already setup with up to date virus protection and adware remover, then scan the infected hdd return it to its original pc and see what happens.

You should make an image of the hdd in the machine you wil be using for the scan before starting work and restore it to the image once you are done.

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by jdmercha In reply to VIRUS HELP

You might be able to build a boot disk using Bart's PE. Then scan the HDD from that.

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Pull the hd and test in clean machine

by mrafrohead In reply to VIRUS HELP

do what the title says and that will get you in the right direction.

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Very simple solution.

by dbucyk In reply to VIRUS HELP

Go to another PC that does not have a virus on it and make a boot disk. Put delpart.exe on it. You'll be able to remove the NTFS or any other partition on it.

You probably have a boot sector virus and it probably has infected both copies of the boot sector.

A reformat is in order after delparting the system to remove any type of virus.

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by rodneyjohnson2005 In reply to Very simple solution.

my friend found a virus in the ram, he tried a ram checking programe it keeped changing the out put by one diget, after removing the ram for ten minutes and reinstalling it worked like a charm. if i recall it was saying it did have enough ram yet it dislayed the correct amount and was farily new ram installed.
funny how these virus work, I had nortons gold corperate addition antivirus used it daily one day the search engine was gone, so I downloaded a free ware version and got the engine back, but it was too late the damage was done. my friend is tech nut installed wipe out good for re-install brings the drive to a band new condition set on its maxium does take about 12 hours, depending on the size as well

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