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virus help needed

By gaitedhorse128 ·
BIS Toolbar and Hunt Bar - can't get rid of
Spybot and Adaware can't delete these, the PC ends up hanging up. The other problems that appear, I am able to delete but the are back after a reboot. I can't turn the PC off normally; I have to use a safety pin in the side of the laptop to turn it off. Help! Are there any other programs that I can use to get rid of these? Freeware would be great if available; if not free, what software would you recommend? Thanks.

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by JimCim In reply to virus help needed

Here is a link to Bazooka. It is freeware and I know that it definitely detects Hunt Bar. It doesn't remove the spyware, but what it does is detect it, and then when you click on the results, it opens a window that gives you very good step by step instructions to remove it. Just make sure that you update it before you run the scan.
You can also download the free trial of Spysweeper. That works very good also.
Just click on free trial under home computers and install.
Good luck.

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by arrichter In reply to virus help needed

I had a similar problem and spybot and adaware couldn't remove it. I had to boot into safe mode and then run spybot and adaware. They were able to remove it from safe mode. Hope this helps.

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by willcomp In reply to virus help needed

If your OS is XP or 2000, download and install Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta from It has been effective in removing the 2 you mention.

Another helpful tool is Hijack This. However, it is a tool for experienced users familiar with registry edits and types of software that load on startup. You can Google it to find link. It's common.

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by Thamakodi In reply to virus help needed

HuntBar (Also known as IBIS Toolbar), is a search-hijacker from Traffic Syndicate, with various additional features depending on version. It silently download and execute arbitrary code, as an update feature, which is a security breach.

Symantec Security Response has developed a removal tool for Adware.Huntbar which can be found @ ...

Furthermore, for Detection and Removal of Hunt Bar, check this page ...

Or you may want follow the instructions on this page ...

And for Wintools (Huntbar variant)Removal Instructions see this page ...

Wish you luck.


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by donfredi In reply to virus help needed

I recently had this problem on XP pc. I was able to uninstall it from the Add/Remove panel. Hope this helps!

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by dmiles In reply to virus help needed

If the system is on a network,disconnect from the network

Disable system resttore if available on OS

Use the spy removal software in the following order
hijack this
Ad aware se
Cyber patrol
All can be downloaded on a trial period

Using the ad aware utilites continously over a certain number of times will cause the software to start picking up the other software as ad ware.
If all fails backup the important files and wip the drive clean

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by sm-honeycutt In reply to virus help needed

HiJack this, free download, you can get it from very quickly.

Just a note of caution, however, hijack this is a VERY powerful program and it will allow you to really screw up your system if you are not careful.

I recommend running the program, saving the output to notepad and then inputting each line into a search program (google, msn, excite, whatever) to determine if that is something you should remove, and if it cannot be removed, if you can fix it, or if it is something you should leave alone.

You can fix almost any viral/spyware/ad-ware program with this utility, even ones that Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee AV, Ad-Aware SE, Spybot S&amp and many other programs cannot or have difficulty removing. (It helps if you know the offending program's name as well as it narrows your search.)

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by ptmsweeney In reply to virus help needed

You can download the free Spywaresweper and this will detect these spywares and tell you where they are in the registry as well as the folders they are in. Unfortunatly, the free version does not remove them. I have had great success in removing them myself with the free version. (back Up registry first) and you can also get the full version that will remove them for you. And yes, it's best to do scans in safe mode because the spyware runs silently on the pc (under other names) and the would make it difficult to remove plus they also reinstall themselves if all the components are not removed. Spoybot and adaware are free versions as well and both are highly recommended.

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