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Virus Hoaxes

By jdii1215 ·
Here is a very useful URL for very accurate virus hoax info:
They have CERT/AVERT subscriptions to most teams world-wide and update nightly, and the site and hoax database are publicly accessible right now.

Norton Antivirus 2001 has automatic VBS blocking for VBS Script runs from a remote connection. This blocks "push" loaded scripts. They include these known malicious scripts in the virus protection list under the Scripting subheading. As both are updated weekly or more often, you can do a pre-determination by checking this subheading, then cross-check with f-secure.

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Virus Hoaxes?

by epepke In reply to Virus Hoaxes

I've seen a couple of these recently. It seems to me that they are misnamed. If a mail message causes a person to do harm to a computer, then it is a virus, albeit one that requires a human host and takes advantage of security flaws in the human nervous system. The fact that the mail message may claim that this action will protect against a virus is secondary.

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Virus Hoax Reference

by Mark_M In reply to Virus Hoaxes

Alternate and more objective sites are:


They have always been, in my experience, right on top of every virus hoax. And neither one are trying to sell you anti-virus software.

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