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Virus??? I am not sure

By sherlocksridhar ·

I have Windows 98 on my PC. Lately, Windows Help gets fired up on its own, Other running apps have their options toggled. Suspecting a virus, I got an antivirus and scanned the system. Sure enough, it detected two viruses. So, I downloaded a dos-based antivirus to a clean system along with a boot floppy from the sam system. when I booted from this floppy, after some time, junk characters started appearing in the command prompt. I tried booting into Windows, but the display has changed from 24 bit color to 16 colors!

Is this a virus? Or is something wrong with my hardware??

The antivirus is executed from a CD.


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by wallrae In reply to Virus??? I am not sure

Have you gone into your settings and tried to
re-configure back to 24 bit color?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Virus??? I am not sure

Since you found the viruses, go to the website of symantec ( and find out how to clean the viruses. You can also scan for virusses from the symantec website.

The dosbased floppy may not help if it's using outdated virussignatures.


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by sherlocksridhar In reply to Virus??? I am not sure


I agree that the virus signatures may be outdated, but after booting from a clean floppy, the virus cannot be activated, right? Then how come junk characters appear?

Am I missing something here?


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by 1stladytech In reply to Virus??? I am not sure

Can you tell us which viruses were detected? Each virus needs to be removed differently, depending on what it has done to your system.


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by HBE In reply to Virus??? I am not sure

Booting from a floppy should temporarily disable virusses, or at least: most of them.
You didnt accidently create your bootdiskette on the PC in question i hope? (of so, make another one on a system you know for a fact to be clean).

When you have problems with your video-output, (but make sure you get rid of the virusses first!!) start windows in safe mode. Change videosetting to 'standard vga' mode and restart windows.

by the way: make sure you use the most recent antivirus definitions AND removals! You can download removals for free from or for instance.
If you find a virus and it's been cleaned, reboot the system (turn it OFF then ON, not just restart) and run the scanner AGAIN. Repeat until the scanner finds nothing.

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