virus in my pc please help

By mr.divynishant ·
hi i m using vista ultimate addition and having internet. i got a virus/spyware i dont know. but this one slow down my pc and disable my registery and task manager option. also it autopmaticly turn my pc UAC atomatticaly off and automatically turn "dont show hidden object" on....
please help i have reinstalled many time my window....but getting the same problem all time...i also used some antivirus like mac-fee,quick heel,and spyware like no doesnot allow to install avira antivirus. also does not allow me to install vista sp1.

please help please...i m in great trouble.

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by .Martin. In reply to virus in my pc please hel ...

first download sp1 off Microsoft's website, then burn it onto a CD (or DVD). Disconnect the computer from the internet. format the hard drive. re-install windows, install SP1, go down to your local computer store and PURCHASE an internet security program (I recommend Mcafee, Norton or Trend micro), install internet security program, reconnect computer to internet.

1. if you want to save files, scan them with the PURCHASED internet security program.
2. DO NOT download illegal software (not saying you do)
3. DO NOT download everything you can find on the internet, BE CAREFUL!

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If this is living through a Reinstall

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to try

They need to wipe the HDD before starting the Install Process again Either Boot & Nuke

Or Kill Disc

Can be used to wipe the HDD and destroy all of the infection.

This is because these Utilities write zeros to every sector as apposed to Format only writing to every third Sector.


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by .Martin. In reply to If this is living through ...

I never knew that.

thanks a lot. :)

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Yep there have been a number of Infections

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to really?

Specifically written to take advantage of the Windows Format Option leaving 2/3 of the HDD untouched.

This allows the Infection to reappear quite easily and come back with a vengeance.

Naturally it doesn't appear straight away but sits waiting for a day or so before reappearing as more severe steps would be taken if it was immediacy apparent that the system was still infected before any Drivers or Updates where applied.


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I take it that you are doing a repair install

by Jacky Howe In reply to virus in my pc please hel ...

and it isn't helping. If you are using a Laptop or Notebook don't use a destructive disk wiping utility as you may remove the Recovery Partition. See if this will help.
Turn off System Restore
Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.<br>
* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.<br>
* If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.<br>
* Once the program has loaded, select Perform Quick Scan, then click Scan.<br>
* When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.<br>
* Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.<br>
I would keep scanning with it until it is clean by closing out and rebooting and running it again.
Just to be on the safe side when you finish do an online scan with Bitdefender.
Remember to turn on System Restore when you have finished cleaning.
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