Virus infection

By rpendor3 ·
I tried to download a software, after launching the setup, the formats of nearly all the files on my pc changed to .masok, i am unable to access the files, does this have any solution, i tried virus scanning it didn't work, also my browser history is automatically deleted
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Browser history isn't so important but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Virus infection

This certianly sounds like an active infection or Ransomware install.

The proper way to proceed here is to scan the drive WITHOUT Windows running so you need a Live Boot Disc which boots off the Optical Disc and doesn't involve Windows running at all.

AVG as well as Trend Micro, ESET, Avast Bit Defender and Kaspersky all have Rescue Discs available to down load and scan the unit with but oyu'll need a different computer to download whichever one you chose to use or if the Data is IMPORTANT as apposed to just wanting to recover you should take it to a Professional to deal with.

I'm not aware of exactly what you have there or the file extention that everything has been renamed to but it is Indonesion for Suffering Pain or those who like to suffer or so Google claim when you look it up. So that sounds like something you don't want.

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google it

by hotfox00 In reply to Virus infection

first step is it to figure out how they were encrypted, ie sha256, aes etc.... sometimes you can brute force if each file has the SAME 'iv' value... if not i guess you will have to lobby your friend with the quantum computer? i recommend some kind of backup program to local hdd or cloud

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My Reply

by RonCloudGeek In reply to Virus infection

A general antivirus program will not be able to remove this malware/ransomware.

You need a malware removal program like Malwarebytes.

Download and install the program on your desktop. Make sure it's the latest version and download from their official site only.

Boot up the pc in safe mode. Run an active scan from Malwarebytes.

Hope this helps! :)

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It's not a normal virus, it's RANSOMWARE VIRUS

by abby1991 In reply to Virus infection

Well, .masok is not a normal virus it's a Ransomware Virus and it cannot be cured by any general antivirus software. It needs a Malware Removal Program to get rid of this virus. Hope you had a backup of your important data files, if not then I suggest you to recover your data using any trustworthy data recovery software which is capable of recovering data from Ransomware Virus attack system or drive as these types of virus attacks may lead to permanent data loss situations.

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by juditherossignol In reply to Virus infection

Do the full restoration of the system. I remember that I had such a situation and any antivirus does not help me. So I rebooted my system and install the new Windows and all required software.

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Download an antivirus

by roberjson561 In reply to Virus infection

I have been facing the same problems regarding downloading software and unable to access some important files. Then I install Quick Hill antivirus in my system. After that, I solved my problem easily. I gathered some information about this antivirus on my facebook (link removed by moderator), which help me lot to solve the problems.

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Use (download) malware antivirus

by Student13029 In reply to Virus infection

To solve this problem ou need to use a malware antivirus, to do this you can download from the web and use it to remove this virus.

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