By unhappyuser ·
I clicked on a link in a TR email for Bill Detwiler's "Windows command prompt tips every IT pro should know" and got a virus alert (Trojan horse).

Does anyone know who to contact at TR about this? It's not my machine and it's only that link on the TR website.



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by ---TK--- In reply to VIRUS INFECTION! ! ! ! ...

A couple thoughts are going through my head. TR didn't necessarily cause this. All a trojan horse needs is an open port so it can run its exploit. Second, you could have gotten it a while back, and it was in "hiding". Third download Spybot S&amp or malwarebytes and run them in safe mode, after the spyware tools have ran, run a virus scan... if that doesnt fix the virus, post up which one you have, so we can do a little research and help you out with it. fourth, lol, posting up in caps will draw attention to any post and I am sure TR knows about it by the time I am finished typing this.

Or you can report it by going to the bottom of the page and click "Site Help & Feedback"... and in there you should beable to report the issue.

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by unhappyuser In reply to well....

I have multiple levels of anti-malware on the machine and have done three separate scans (three different programs) and all are clean. Malwarebytes was one of them. I did fill out the feedback form. Thanks.


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no problem (NoText)

by ---TK--- In reply to Nope
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If you have ever clicked on 'Site Help & Feedback'

by DadsPad In reply to well....

It does not give you any chance to give feedback, just takes you to a site that lets you search answers to other questions answered. Not really useful for this.

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I just reported one, naming the virus (trojan)

by DadsPad In reply to VIRUS INFECTION! ! ! ! ...

I put the question, listed today 9/3/09

McAfee reports the polls-js-packed(1).js detected as JS/Exploit-Packed.C.Gen labeled as a Trogan.

McAfee deletes it each time I open any article from the TR IT News from 9:43am this morning.

I did not want to just email feedback, but wanted to know if others are experiencing the same.

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It's a false postive...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to VIRUS INFECTION! ! ! ! ...

and no need for concern.

As was explained to me - McAfee is misdiagnosing some javascript files. This is happening on both TR and ZDNet.

-Tammy [_]3

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