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    Virus IRC/BackDoor.SdBot


    by randyspenceley ·

    Help, I run Windows 2000 Pro and have AVG as my virus protection. I just scanned and it tells me that i have 11 files infected. I was able to remove it from 2, but it appears that the rest of the files are important ones. Suggestions on how to remove?

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      by tech_wiz03 ·

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      Best way is to remove internet access, use re-install//repair proceedure then with firewall and antivirus set up to refuse inbound and outbound access to anyone without explicite approval enable internet. DO NOT LET MICROSOFT AUTO UPDATE RUN! until you have explicitely installed SOBIG and W32BLASTER FIXES then take care in future what you let run.

      hope this helps

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      by n4whk ·

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      what are the viruses found? You need to install to MS03-026 patch as well. This will take of of MSBLASTER from working and coming back.

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