Virus? or Hardware?

By seunghn ·
Hi. I have a hp laptop and have just encountered two trojans. unfortunately i am an idiot and forgot to check which viruses they were and just deleted the infected file. after a full scan nothing was detected but my lap top still show some unordinary symptoms. my internet stops working every 10-15 minutes. the connection icon on the tool bar shows that it is still connected but nothing works. i hve to reset the internet to get it to work again.

also i was wondering if there is a way to back track and see what virus it was that was detected. I am currently using the mcafee software.

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there should be a log, or quarantine you can look in

by sgt_shultz In reply to Virus? or Hardware?

but imh experience you don't need to know the name of the virus unless it keeps coming back. in which case you have the name again. ahem.
it sounds to me like you still have infectino. spyware will cause the symptoms you describe. you need to 'clean' in safe mode and with system restore turned off. otherwise you might not eliminate the problem.
Boot into Safe Mode with Networking and see if internet works again. if yes, you have spyware and/or more viruii.
while still in safe mode w/networking download ad aware personal se from and get avg free antivirus from then boot normally and install both. then boot into safemode w/networking again (sorry) and update the definitions for both. then turn off system restore if you haven't already and scan first with avg then with adaware.
remove all it finds. if problem goes away for a while then reappears, post again and we will take you thru the heavy lifting to get rid of a reinfecting virus

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