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virus or what!!

By rubsmong ·
av desktop compaq P4 machine-2.8Ghz,256Mb,80Gb-running on winxp Pro SP 1a. This machine started behaving funny with open windows shutting down and at times became painfully slow. I suspected a virus infection altho the machine had norton antivirus2005 installed-i figured out the antivirus was old so we bought norton 2006version. On trying to install this version, the machine refused and would automatically restart by itself midway-after severall attempts with the same result i figured out the machine was already seriously infected so i backed up all important data, formatted the hard disk fully and reinstalled windows afresh.... i then installed the new norton anti.v 2006 and as expected it loaded flawlessly, the machine was once more like new loading very fast and behaving like a machine worth its name-i slaved the hard disk where i had backed up the data and did a full scan using the norton2006-to my surprise! no virus was found-the backed up data turned out to be clean-since i culdnt believe that, i looked for other antiviruses i.e i installed and used McAffee 8.0---NO VIRUS DETECTED-AVG antivirus 7.0-NO VIRUS DETECTED-panda antivirus-NO VIRUS DETECTED-i convinced myself the infection was gone so i recopied the backed up data. After 2days the prob was back again the same way!!-i decided to look for the infection manually-i found that in my documents folder-most folders were replicated in that a folder named accounts had a similar folder inside it by the same name which when u open returns u to the my documents root in an explorer kinda window-several folders were like this apart from the my music, my webs and some of the other system folders. When i go to tools in the menu bar, the folder options tab in the tools is missing. When i check the properties of this replicated folders they funnily turn out to be apllications with .exe extensions. I searched the whole system and to my surprise found some folders with the same properties in the windows\system32 folder

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by 3xp3rt In reply to virus or what!!

Sorry! I answered your second question without reading your first (this one).
So in this case it seams the infection was in your backup. (Because after cleaning 2 days you have not infection). Try to run some online antivirus. (Go to google and search for online antivirus sites)

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by Dr Dij In reply to virus or what!!

be careful of online virus sites. some are scam sites, that show a few bogus results then try to get you to purchase theirs. (often infecting your system in the process with spyware). They overwhelm search engines by having thousands of 'affiliates' who, in incestuous relations, recommend each other's fake anti-spyware.

ca has free online scan for pest patrol
trendmicro has one too.

and of course there are the ones you can install.
webroot is only free for 30 days but finds some others don't.

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by wsamy In reply to virus or what!!

Did you Solve it
please let me know becuase i had many computer here with the same problems

Walid SAMY

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by rubsmong In reply to virus or what!!

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