virus problem..downloader.obfuskated

By hel_hev ·
hi...i am having a problem with this virus/malware 'downloader.obfuskated'...i use AVG detects the virus but cant remove it....everytime i delete it,..the virus comes up again....need help in this...plz also tell me how did this virus come....i didnt open any mail till now...thanx....

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Try scanning

by Mr.Wiz In reply to virus problem..downloader ...
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Bios virus

by mjd420nova In reply to virus problem..downloader ...

Some viruses will flash themselves into the BIOS, so that it loads everytime you boot. A scan will find it but can't get rid of it. Either set BIOS to default or remove the CMOS battery for 10 minutes to clear it.

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See Removal Procedure

by preshere In reply to virus problem..downloader ...

I've had some pretty nasty Trojan viruses, but after performing a scan in safe mode with my favorite Antivirus program, and repeating with Lavasoft's Ad-aware free removal application (, the next stop is They have an extensive library of free removal tools. Just perform a search on their site for your using the name of the virus. Hope this helps.

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It didn't

by Guitarzan8 In reply to See Removal Procedure

it would me more helpful and less waste of time to actually test your own advice. has no information about obfuskated. I tried google and got many hits, most of which are hobby sites with a ~20 step removal process.

Note: I went through the steps and they did not work.

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by e_gagto In reply to virus problem..downloader ...

I have the same problem. Im also using AVG. I cant find the virus but it downloads and .exe file that AVG detects. Ill let you know when I find a solution.

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by elkins In reply to Obfuskated

i too have this issue, avg keeps saying it has a ton of files, and i don't know what to do, it comes up with "heal" as the default box to hit, so i do that , but some did the move to vault, i don't knwo what easy steps can be done. please help, and how did it get there and what does this virus do?

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You should turn off

by ComputerCookie In reply to Downloader.Obfuskated

system restore, restart in "safe mode", and then scan using AVG.

Restart normally and run the scan again, if it's clean turn system restore back on.

If you need some help with this post back.

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