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Virus problems - gad-network

By gordonisnz ·
I have as problem...

gad-network virus....

(im frustrated - sorry) - My PC disconnects from the net EVERY 5 minutes (& takes 3-4 minutes to reconnect)..

Im writing this message offline - So hopefully if I do connect, I can copy-n-paste here..


How do we get rid of the virus ?

I have ad-aware - Zone Alarm, & AVG Virus scanner...

None of them have got rid of them (I've got no credit card, so I'll want something freeware please...)

Ps - While im wrioting this, I have been disconnected/reconnected twice....


I know in WINXP - the "users" area, I can change / create a new user - However theyre "administrator" or "limited" (nothing in-between...)

Is there a way (please - step-by-step guide / web-page) to create a user - & allow them to access the NET - however, theyre ONLY allowed to view gif / jpg / php / html / htm files etc...

NO javascript / EXE dowmloads etc at all...

(my current "guest account" cannot access the net...)


I have this 'administrator' account - To access the net - But my original administrator account cannot.
(it has access to the Internet connection - However when i try, it says password errors..)

(Im online every day with my '2nd' account (which works) - PS its wireless, & it dials "#99" - or something...
... - & the passwords are the same....)


While im here - I use Mozilla Firefox .

I see lots of settings to ALLOW certain things

But is there a place to PREVENT / DISALLOW certain sites (or EXE poups ?)
& I do have popup access disabled - But still get pages opening for (bad site)


In one file I d/loaded - it says I have 5000+ items that need fixing.. (however needs to be registered to fix things)..

Are there any good free programmes (no credit card)... that I can use ?

I did use an IE online virus checker - (I hate IE) - However I have forgotten the website
(plus I get disconnected too often nowadays...)


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