Virus question need help

By csloaner ·
I recently recieved something at work on MSN Messenger that came from a friend but nothing happened when I clicked on it (first mistake). Now I am unable to use my regedit, msconfig (closes a few seconds after opening), and when I try to download new virus scan programs or try to get a regedit program the browser is closed. Also a website called "got-paid forum" pops up. Any help would be appreciated (our IT guy is out of town for a week and this happens of course). I have symantec antivirus but it does not detect anything.

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Boot to safe mode

by Tig2 In reply to Virus question need help

Then run your AV. To boot to safe mode (without networking), you will need to press the appropriate key during the boot process. Without knowing your particular machine, I will say that it is F8, F10, or F12.

Run your AV. Fix anything it finds.

If possible, go to a clean machine and download AVG Free. You will find it at Install it and run it from safe mode. It may find something that Symantec did not.

Download Crap Cleaner. Install it. See if it can find issues in the registry. Run it over an dover until it doesn't find anything. I don't know if this one will work- the meanie on your machine may prevent it. But worth a try as it will access the registry without using regedit. You can find Crap Cleaner at

Let me know how you get on. I cannot find anything definitive discussing this meanie but would love to know what works.

Good Luck!

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TT's got it right

by rickydoo In reply to Virus question need help

Most AVs will run manually in safe mode(Start pressing F8 when the POST screen finishes finding your drives)but I highly recommend getting another AV product like AVG. Since Norton hasn't told you you have a virus, Norton is most likely broken.
I haven't used crap cleaner, but I recommend Spybot S&D, then AdAware in that order once the viruses are cleaned out, to get rid of spyware and adware.
If regedit doesn't come back once you're clean, make a copy of regedit.exe and rename it, that will allow you to go in and fix the damage caused, if any (BE CAREFUL IN THERE). Go to to find info on which entries to fix based on the virus names the scan finds.

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