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Virus removal warranty???

By rawfish ·
Hi folks,

I own a small shop and have a customer demanding warranty work be done on a system that was infected with a few Trojans which I removed successfully.

My customer came to me a week later Via a phone call insisting I repair the newly re-infected PC because the AV software [ AVG Free version]I supplied and installed did not catch this new infection, I used this AV software as the customer did not have any AV software of there own.

Does any have any thoughts and perhaps some direction with implementing a clause in my warranty that states what virus removal warranty covers???


OOOOOHHH ??????Happy 2005!!!!

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by dmiles In reply to Virus removal warranty???

In short I would not offer a warrenty,you may feel compelled to refix the machine since you left free software ont he machine.

I would let customer know this is a one time deal and that he will be responsible for the virus protection software and purchase.

Viruses happen to often for shops to offer warrenty and this should not apply since it is caused by the customer and not the failure of the software to catch all

If he purchased the AV software and it does not catch the virus,what will his response be to the manufacturer.
The skinny of it let him purchase it from some whare else

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by Sagat In reply to Virus removal warranty???

The AVG in it user agreement say that there is no warrenty in the free edition plus no tech support. The end user was want something free and that is what they got. There is however tech support for the AVG single edition. have the end user read the user and it is out of hand. You might lose him but you understand that user agreement are great when dealing with that type of customer. Please understand that I am only trying to help you. I resell the AVG. If you have any question feel free to email me. Thank you Sagat

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Virus removal warranty???


Maybe you could warrantee that no known viruses exist in the computer, when it leaves your shop, and any infection reported later will be fixed and charged for.
Also state that it is the customers responsibility to check the "cleanliness" of the system prior to connecting to the internet, if they wish to avail themselves of any warrantee issue.
No responsibility for any malware after the computer is connected to the internet.

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by mccmike In reply to Virus removal warranty???

First of all, you should not allow yourself to be held responsible for the performance of another product which you cannot control.

I would recommend a product to the individual but let it be known that you do not guarantee its performance, only that it may have done a good job for you in the past.

Next, if the Windows Critical Updates are not current, the anti-virus will not always protect you anyway. It is always the responsibility of the owner to insure that he has the best protection and procedures based upon the information he has available. You can only recommend and do the best job you can.

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by Addison In reply to Virus removal warranty???

First of all, don't ever offer a warranty on virus removal. The thing is viruses occur 24/7 a day, and there is no way that you or anyone else can guarantee, that once you remove a virus(s), another one won't come. To play it safe and keep it professional provide the customer with only whatever warranty the software manufacture provides.

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by DouglasB In reply to Virus removal warranty???

I operate a computer repair shop and have run into the very problem you describe. I place and run the free versions of AVG, Adaware & Spybot. I also guarantee my work, that is to fix the specific problem the customer reports. Many times they come back saying they have the same problem as before. I run the programs I have installed and clean up tons of spyware/adware and virus files. Bottom line, even though they were told they need to run these programs, and instructed on how to run them, they don't. So . . . if they don't follow instructions they are at their own peril.

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by thawk55 In reply to Virus removal warranty???

Most major OEMs have very limited Software warranties. Many only state that they will reformat and re-install the OS, and some pre-installed apps. Mainly because there is way too many types of software that can cause conflicts. As for Viruses the cust is usually on his or her own. This to me is far because You have no control over the cust/users Web surfing habits.

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