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Virus removal warranty???

By rawfish ·
Hi folks,

I own a small shop and have a customer demanding warranty work be done on a system that was infected with a few Trojans which I removed successfully.

My customer came to me a week later Via a phone call insisting I repair the newly re-infected PC because the AV software [ AVG Free version]I supplied and installed did not catch this new infection, I used this AV software as the customer did not have any AV software of there own.

Does any have any thoughts and perhaps some direction with implementing a clause in my warranty that states what virus removal warranty covers???


OOOOOHHH ??????Happy 2005!!!!

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by ayotunde In reply to Virus removal warranty???

May be you need to be a little more explicit.

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by wcp In reply to Virus removal warranty???

Unless there was a clear understanding of what you said AVG did, it is better off to remove the Trojans without charge.

You need in writing that no antivirus program will remove all virus/worm/trojan and it is the customer?s responsibility to update the program and virus definition. Also you need in writing that you are not responsible for any future infection.

When I do virus scan, I use at least three antivirus programs.

1. Stinger from McAfee ( ? This is a free stand-alone antivirus program that does not conflict with any installed antivirus program. This scans and removes well known virus/worm/trojan (about 40 or so depending on your Windows version) and not a full version. It is still under 1MB in size (one executable file), you can burn it to a CD (or even in a floppy) and run it in any computer.

2. Existing antivirus program ? I make sure it gets the latest virus definition before scanning.

3. Virobot Expert ( - With the customer?s approval, I uninstall the existing antivirus program and install Virobot Expert (30 day trial version) and scan the HD(s).

4. Kaspersky ( ? I then uninstall Virobot and install Kaspersky (30 day trial version). This, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, to remove Trojans. I often leave the program and let the customers try it and buy if they like it. Again, you do not tell (or promise) customers that it will remove all virus/worms/trojan.

I do not think it is a good idea to install a free antivirus program unless customers ask for it. If you install it, then you then charge for installation fee. Or better yet, just give the customers the websites they can visit and download the program themselves.

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by wcp In reply to

The bottom line is there should be clear understanding in writing what you were going to do (scan and remove virus/worm/trojan if found), did (scanned and removed them), what customer?s responsibilities are (update program and definition), and what your warranty for future infection is (none).

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by wcp In reply to

It is also a good idea to capture screen showing virus scan results (how many found and removed) and paste them in MS Word or WordPad so you can show it to the customer.

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by wlbowers In reply to Virus removal warranty???

I do not give any warranty on Virus removal.

Customers are made aware that Virus, Spyware, Malware removal can result in loss of operating system, program files, and or data files.

Once a computer appears, and the word "APPEARS" is emphasized, to be clean it is up to the consumer to maintain a due diligance in their operation of the machine.

If a person takes his computer home and promptly starts surfing the wild side, or cranks up Kazza and downloads a new strain of the whoope trojan with the Blade Trinity movie, before the virus companies can distribute a defination file.

Or Junior just found a new warez site and had to download that copy of of xbox hacks.

You charged for the removal of items that infected his machine. A machine that had no protection at all.

You did just what I would have done. But I use eTrust. They get the machine back with something on it. It's up to them to practice safe computing.

I don't guarantee software operation. Expecially Antivirus. There are too many variables.

If the person has any recourse it would be with Grisoft. And you know what they are gonna say. Read the disclaimer.

Read the liability disclaimer from avg here:

Good Luck Lee

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by mshavrov In reply to Virus removal warranty???

I never trust to any ONE antivirus, spyware removal, etc. It's good to have it installed, it's good to update it autimatically every day/week/month or so. But from time to time it's good to use another products, especially when you suspect infection. I like the idea of "online antiviruses" - when you don't need to install it on your PC. Here is a list I use and I found them very useful:

Try to run all of them on "infected" PC and check, if any of them will find some "leftovers" after another software.

Good luck,

Michael Shavrov
MCSE W2K, Security+, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, ...

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by DouglasB In reply to Virus removal warranty???

I, like you, own a small computer repair shop and regularly remove virus infections, quite often with AVG. I emphasize to the customer, upon picking up their computer, that this is a REGULAR MAINT operation, they must keep the definitions up to date and make sure the program is run on a regular basis. Just like owning a car, you can tell someone the oil has to be changed regularly, but if they don't do it, that's their responsibility.

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Trojans are given permission to load...

by babznme In reply to Virus removal warranty???

Ok, I know your customer is upset. But really, if you removed the malware, you're sure you did, and up pops another one. Well, when you clean one of these out and you give it back to them, on your receipt, make sure you put a disclaimer. If the virus program did not catch it, it's because it is not a virus, but a trojan. Make sure you educate your customers not to give permission to any scans! If there is a virus checker running, it will NOT ask to scan your computer. It is already scanning. A trojan asks. Tell them to never click on any pop up window. Tell them to close it by using the x in the corner. If there is no x, then right click on the task bar place holder and tell it to close there. If your customer does not understand then make sure you have a disclaimer. If they get ANY viruses after they take posession of their machine, it is not your fault. If it is clean when it leaves the store, then it is clean. Teach your customers what they did to mess it up and I promise they will try not to do it again. Educate! Use a disclaimer. We cannot garrantee against ignorance. Silly customers!

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Good Point!

by rcashier03 In reply to Trojans are given permiss ...

Is there a standard Disclaimer. I have been doing alot of side virus removal lately and had one lady that had her pc infected a day later. I assume by her kids. It was more than clean when it left my house.

I might try to get her to let me work on it again and get her to buy some antivirus software. I put Avast and spybot search and destroy on it as she didn't have anything at all and figured it was better than nothing.

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