virus slowing down my computer

By mikyamc ·
I have windows vista and I have a virus that is slowing down my computer. It's getting really hard to do anything 'cause it takes forever to open programs. I don't want to reformat my hardrive. I was wondering if anyone knows what virus it is and how to get rid of it. I have norton 360 and I have done all kinds of scans. But it does not pick up anything, I also did the live one care free scan and it wasen't able to finish. Any help is greatly apriciated.

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Easy Answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to virus slowing down my com ...

Windows Vista is the Affliction. This is just the newest Pay For Virus produced by M$ knows as the Windows Virus Family or Series. This one differers from the reast as most people actually pay to have their computers Infected with it as all the others you don't actually want on your computer.

But if the system is running even slower than the Window Virus causes you can try a product like MalwareBytes

& Spy Bot S&amp

Ideally you should download these on a clean computer then transfer them to something like a USB Stick and install them on the Afflicted Computer and Update them

Then reboot into Safe Mode and scan the system. Chances are you you have picked up some Malware and it's not actually a Virus at all so 360 Can Not deal with it. :)


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Re: virus slowing down my computer

by Beothuk In reply to virus slowing down my com ...

Ignoring any suggestions that Windows is the virus, it doesn't sound to me like you have one since Norton 360 would have picked it up.

It could be malware or spyware which malwareRemover or SpyBot would probably find.

Since you have got Vista (and here I do agree with Oh Smeg), if your machine came with Vista pre-installed then you will have mountains of services running that will dramatically slow down your PC.

After chcking for viruses, trojans and spyware, I'd go the Add/Remove programs; uninstall any programs that you don't want or need; go to the Services applet and set services you don't need to Manual Start up - there are dozens of them - all consuming processor time. Then reboot your machine. If the machine complains about a service not started that it needs, go back to the Servcies Applet, start the service and make sure you set it to auto-start.

This approach enabled me to speed my machine up considerably.

Best solution, IMO, is to bite the bullet and buy Windows 7 (full version not the upgrade); back up your data and do a clean install. Win 7 performance is far superior to Vista.

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