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    Virus software


    by steve.wellstead ·

    I have a Desktop PC with a 2.8GHz Intel processor 80GB Hard Disk, and 512Mb Ram, it has been recently working slow, so I decided to invest in McAfee Virus Suite 2006 to scan and monitor the system.
    However on loading the software, and scanning, it came back with 87 possible hamful files and one Trojan which could not ne cleaned but quarantined.
    I cleared the Trojan then set about the possible harmful files which it suggested I delete.
    On deleted the first two, the PC required a restart, which it has now not come out of…..
    I think I may have removed some components of Windows XP, is this possible? and if s how do I rectify it?
    I have bought a new External hard drive 200GB which I intend to put all music and picture files on and then perhaps format the HD/somehow reload XP. Should I do this or recover to factory settings using the support CD, I don’t have the Windows XP software to reload as it was done at the factory.
    Please excuse my ignrance as I don’t have much technical experience with PC’s

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