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Virus that controls the mouse

By kenneth.l.armstrong ·
A friend's PC has got this wierd virus that will take control of his mouse and do some odd stuff. One instance is that it took his mouse curser, opened up the Start menu, then opened up notepad, started typing in all kinds of junk, tried to close itself out without saving, then opened up his DOS command, and started typing in nonexistant commands. No one is hacking into his computer, because this computer will not be connected to the internet at all. He has tried numerous antivirus, spyware, and adware programs, but none of them find this problem. It doesn't cause any damage, just annoys the heck out of him. Does anyone know what this thing is? If I can figure out what the program name is and the registry settings, I can manually remove it by using KNOPPIX, but I got to figure out what that info is. Thanks in advance!

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by w2ktechman In reply to Virus that controls the m ...

Is it on a home network? If so, someone is probably playing a game with remote control software.
Or, even if it is not on the Internet, maybe the network itself has been comprimised (not enough security on Wireless, etc.).
But to fix the problem, try looking through running processes and end task them until it stops. Take note of the end tasked apps. Then search the drive for those files and remove the associated program.

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by setantapc In reply to Virus that controls the m ...

I agree with the previous poster. Does the guy have a wireless mouse, with more than 1 PC in the house ??

I know of a fellow who had multiple PCs with wireless Mice and when User1 downstairs had PC on and User2 upstairs turned on PC (both systems wireless Mice remember) when User1 moved mouse, the cursor moved on both systems as it was using a common frequency. The mouse had a setting underneath for an "extra channel" should there be multiple devices in the household.

If it was a virus that was moving the mouse and spouting gibberish there should be something showing up in task manager or a service should be evident. This sounds like another issue.

Good luck.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Virus that controls the m ...

sounds like a script file running. process could be csript.exe or wsscript.exe, kill thoese process and you sweet (sort of). Or some one has written an application that does that, maybe as service. remove all the items from his startup menu, use "hijackthis" to view suspect reg entries.

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by umbabalu In reply to Virus that controls the m ...

I see this post is somewhat dated, but I'm having a very similar problem. Mouse takes control and eventually tries to do something in the Start Menu.

I've tried scanning with Norton and Adaware, no luck - even tried reformatting. Perhaps it attached itself to a place I couldn't detect. Behavior is somewhat consistent - almost always end up on Startmenu.

Any additional insight is enormously appreciated.

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