Virus that removes windows codes

By cw_creativetouch ·
what virus removes windows codes and how to repair my computer

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some suggestions

by databaseben In reply to Virus that removes window ...

infections do a wide variety of things.

but some virus's modify system files and replace them with corrupted ones. then if a anti virus program detects them, the corrupted system files will be zapped but need to be replaced with genuine ones again.

while system restore also replaces system files, the problem is that the restore points may also be infected and an infection can be re-restored if you use the system restore feature.

so basically, you have to use genuine files to repair or replace missing or corrupted system files.

if you have an xp installation disk you can execute a "repair install" to repair the operating system. this method does not harm your personal files.

however the xp version on the disk has to be the same version on your computer. so if your xp disk is xp sp1 but your computer is xp sp3, then you will have to downgrade the computer to make xp on it, sp1.

to remove sp updates, go to add/remove programs control panel to find them.

if you have a laptop you will have to do a factory restore but in this case, your personal files will be harmed.

however, if you can borrow an xp disk, you may be able to side step a factory restore and do a "repair installation" instead.

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