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Virus/worm help

By wakim ·
Helo, I am have been attack by virus/worm! The problem is when I start Windows, as it displays the desktop and after awhile it restarts by itself to scanning the drive, all result shown by it is no problem found. I have tried many time restart/shutdown the computer, it does not help. I have disabled the System Restore from safe mode and run the worm remover tool by Panda. I also download the patch XPK B82398 from Microsoft and installed it. When I restart no change has been done it restart back by itself. I also encounter error popup message. ?System has recovered from a serious error, send report to Microsoft. The detail is as follows: Error Signature>BcCode:1000008e, BCP1:C0000005,> BC2:F7943037,> BC3:F7AEC7BC, >BC4:00000000,> OSVer:5 1 2600,> SP:0 0,> Product:256 1.

At times after many trial it could start windows but at drastic drop in speed. I do not know whether it is the Blaster worm getting in. My OS is P3. 1GHz. Running Windows XP Pro in the Secondary Master, with two partition, NTFS and FAT 32, (40GB) in the primarily it is running ME, two partition FAT 32 (20GB)

I do hope someone can help me out, I know the last resort is to reformat, but before that any suggestion? Thanks. Chee

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by wakim In reply to

Thanks for the good site in which I have stumble in earier to such for a cure, it did not help me. THANKS

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Virus/worm help

In the bugcheck message that you get, you list the following:

> OSVer:5 1 2600,> SP:0 0

To me, that means that your copy of XP is NOT running Service Pack 1. And the Blaster worm patch (described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026) is meant to run on top of a SP1 XP install.

So, by installing the Blaster patch WITHOUT running SP1 for XP first, you are not running within the acceptable paramaters to fix this.

So, I would do this. First, download SP1a for XP. Use another computer to do this, if yours is not stable enough. Burn it to CD.

Boot XP into Safe Mode. Put the CD with SP1a for XP on it and install it. Reboot.

Then install the Blaster patch again in Safe Mode. Reboot.

That should stabilize things.

Get antivirus software next, install it and update it, then run a full scan. A problem I have seen is the Blaster removal tool does NOT detect other Blaster variants, so you need to be careful here. You could run the Blaster fix tool and come up clean, but you could have the Nachi version of Blaster, which the Blaster tool does not detect!

hope this helps

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by wakim In reply to

I tried what you have mention, I open in Safe Mode,when it ask for you to select 1..Admist., or 2..user acount the keyboard and the mouse not operating. After many trials I finally get the keyboard to operate although the mouse still could not function. When I start the installation ,it was not sucessfull it ask to connect to the proxy server,I could not get through the internet,I am using it neccessarly to connect to the internet to install this pack. This CD it was with zip files and one file which I used was ie setup.exe. am I doing the right thing. Earlier when I could get in the normal starting I could not install this pack from Microsoft it says something about not valid... Any further suggestion will be much appreciate. Thank any way for your help.

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by wakim In reply to Virus/worm help

I wish to thank you for a good site,but I have been to it without much sucess to solve the oroblem. THANKS

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by cbrandes In reply to Virus/worm help

You need to make sure you get the network installation of the service pack for XP and not the express installation. I think once you do that, and follow the instructions listed in the previous posts, you will be fine.

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by wakim In reply to

Thanks for everyone who chip in to help. Although it need not turn right,I have no choice but a complete reformat was done,now it is OK. Thanks to everyone.

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by wakim In reply to Virus/worm help

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