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Viruses Hacked router devices

By hjzamm ·
In advance Sorry about the bad selling. My routers firmwear was changed an every device that connected to my router was infected. Anything with memory like my SIM card my iPhone data was acting like my router every time I tried to block the thing out it blocked me so if have to factory restart my device to let him back in he also maid him self admin on my router, changed all pages even programs to its own copy. Also had more power then me over my laptop. Every virus that was put in to my comp would bypass scans if they were detected an deleted it would come back an if I manually deleted it would come back even worse. I called everyone I could an no one could help me, so much for stranded computers an geeks 2u.. So after I did everything I could wasn't anything left to do but start from scratch I replaced all of my devices threw away all hard drives an usbs I changed service providers got a new router. I decided to get a Mac instead of a pc this time around hoping it was all over I installed winbottler and downloaded malwarebytes on my MacBook all the viruses I had are not by passing anymore and are all back again. After I deleted them all on MacBook internet stoops working I have to factory reset it so they can come back an they scan picks them up again. I'm sick of this an what this to stop I have no idea what else there for me to do I don't let no one connect to my router an if anyone connects out I don't let them connect back to my routor the username is hidden change my password once a week I have done literally everything I just want this nightmare to end does anyone no what I can do? Also how do u change or upgrade firmwear for a net gear routor on a MacBook! thank you

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