Visioneer One-Touch **20 USB Scanner compatibility w/ Vista, 7, 8 or Linux

By jose.noriega ·
I own a Visioneer One-Touch **20 USB Scanner, "legacy product" that works (Paperport and all) with Windows 2000 and XP Professional, but I wonder if the same W2K / XP driver is compatible with Win Vista, 7 or 8 because the maker discontinued it and has not made any newer driver or software available. By the way, if someone has made it work with any Linux / Unix distribution, let me know as well. Thanks in advance.

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Easy answer is No It's Not Compatable

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Visioneer One-Touch **20 ...

Like a lot of existing perfectly good hardware if you want to change the OS you need to replace the thing with something that is supported under the OS you want to use.

For that reason there are still many people using 98SE to run High End Scanners or other printing equipment that costs thousands to replace if it's even possible.

But the easy answer here is that XP Drivers only work with XP no other OS.

Though most likely the more common Linux Distributions would have suitable drivers for it but are very unlikely to have the same software that you are used to using and while they are likely to have something suitable it may not be as easy or as initiative to use.


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