Visioneer OneTouch 9220 Scanner

By equality4all ·
My scanner developed a milky white under the scanner glass. How can I open this up to clean it and is there somewhere that I can download the full instructions? Also, what is the best product to use that won't leave smears.

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Milky White Substance under scanner glass

by mgsimcox In reply to Visioneer OneTouch 9220 S ...

I have the same problem. I've contacted Canon. Did you find a way to get under the glass and clean your scanner?

Mine looks like a cloudy tail of a comet, caused by the bright light, but that's only a guess.

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Milky white substance

by shady108 In reply to Milky White Substance und ...

lol im saying nothing

what have you been scanning to get a milky white substance?

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do you

by 300game In reply to Milky white substance

do you have anything worth while to contribute?

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come on....

by david.wallis In reply to do you

someone had to say it :)

seriously tho if your all having that problem id get in touch with the manufacturers obviously theres a serious design fault there with that model and should be recalled. you should not need to do any cleaning what so ever

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Cleaning milky scanner glass

by tomnos In reply to come on....

After prolonged use, most home scanners will develop a thin film under the glass - this is from the graphite lubricant on the scanner rails, and the level of problem varies, although Visioneer seems to send them out very heavily lubricated.

I disassembled and cleaned the underglass on a Visioneer 8700 (pretty easy) and it stayed clean longer (after the excess lube was gone?). I now have a friend's 9200 series and am trying to find a non-destructive eway to disassemble it - this one is not so obvious.

Good luck!

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how to open Visioneer Scanner to clean smear on inside

by 300game In reply to Visioneer OneTouch 9220 S ...

I have a visioneer scanner with same problem. Scanner works fine except for smear/smudge on inside of glass. Any idea how to take apart and clean??? And help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Solution to this problem

by edinkc In reply to Visioneer OneTouch 9220 S ...

Remove top cover then 4 screws from bottom.

Then start by prying along middle of rear edge. There is a catch in the middle so the top needs to be pried away from the bottom as the bottom is pushed in slightly.

The front has 2 double catches about an inch from the corners. First open the sides and rear, then push sideways (not up) to open them.

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Thank you!!!

by dalejim In reply to Solution to this problem

Hey, you did it. We were able to clean our scanner glass with the help of your very accurate solution. Thanks so much. We have lived with this problem for months. Visioneer did nothing to help.

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