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Visiting the TechRepublic mothership

By Tig2 ·
I live approximately 12 hours from the TR mothership- also known as CNET, Louisville, Kentucky. In a moment of something that I can't quite define, I decided that it was time for a road trip.


In an unassuming brick building in a Kentucky office park, CNET maintains the TR presence. I found my way there on Monday morning after posting the News. Oh, and driving 13 hours. But the SO did all the heavy lifting. What a kick!

So before you all ask, Sonja and Beth and Jay were all verified to be real people- or at least in possession of a pulse and actual breathing. Doug of CNET is a real guy with a perpetually worried look, Mark Kaelin is one of the sweetest people you will ever know, Cara is a bundle of fire, Toni Bower is warm, funny, and BEAUTIFUL (so I automatically hate her), Selena is exactly what her lovely name suggests and Leee is the proud new mommy of a beautiful baby.

On Tuesday, I also discovered that Smorty is a Guitar Hero God and Bill Detweiler is engaging and infinitely personable.

Wednesday I had an opportunity to take the voices that spoke to me (all yours) to the real live PTB. We all got to have a learning experience from that. I learned that I need to go back to Toastmasters. Those PTBs are SCARY!!! And Beth was there so I had some concern about my login.

But I'm still here so I guess I did okay.

You'll see more from me about this trip. And hear it in the podcast we recorded this morning about COBOL with a great guest from Micro Focus. I also have a photo gallery to put up called "TR under the covers- I cracked TR!" Be on the look out for fun with TR, including all the cool swag that I managed to smuggle out!!!

I only have one more day with the mothership. What would you like me to ask and who do you want me to ask? I can monitor this thread and give you some answers. How cool is that???

Because this is a sacred moment in TR World, I am using all the tags and making a few up.

I had to edit. I just had to. I don't know why. But I know you all understand.

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You have crossed over to the dark side

by JamesRL In reply to Visiting the TechRepublic ...

You are now one of them!

Hope you had fun. I take an XXL shirt thanks....


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I have your name

by Tig2 In reply to You have crossed over to ...

But not an address. Send it, I will send you.

I used a lot from you. You really are a heartbeat here.

Yeah, I'm one of them. But I am still one of us. Is that so bad?

Off topic- How are you doing? I think of you often.

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I will let you in on a secret

by JamesRL In reply to I have your name

Many years ago, I did some journalism too. Wrote for a Canadian magazine, interviews, articles, product launches.

So I would be a hipocrite if I said it was bad.

I'm doing ok. Been off the cast for 10 days now - I have a cane, which I now really only need for outdoor snow and ice use. Been driving for 10 days too. Freedom! My wife doesn't drive, van needed to be boosted to start.

I went to Montreal on business this week, another first in months.

Ankle is still sore, but managable.

I have another name for your list.

Jeff Healey

Jeff was an amazing musician. I met him once, my wife introduced us, long story I won't go into here. He lost his sight as an infant to cancer, but was free from cancer up until two years ago. He fronted a blues band, recorded with people like BB King, George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was in a movie called Roadhouse with patrick Swayze and Sam Eliot. He had 35,000 records in his collection of early jazz and blues. He was a radio host. He owned a night club and created a jazz band.

My personal recollection of him was a completely unpretensious guy who loved music of all kinds with a passion and loved to have fun. Rent Roadhouse and you will pretty much see him as he was at that period in time.


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Ribbons for angels

by Tig2 In reply to I will let you in on a se ...

Jeff will be added to the list and to my ribbon collection.

Thank you.

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Sad news...

by dawgit In reply to I will let you in on a se ...

While certainly not good news, I do appreciate that you mentioned it here. I might not have heard it otherwise. A great loss for the Whole World, and especially for Blues Music. Sad. Again, the good die young. Thanks for letting us know. -d

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Forty one

by JamesRL In reply to Sad news...

Same age as my wife, younger than me.


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by dawgit In reply to Forty one

All of you folks. pooo -d

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Keep the ribbons coming

by Oz_Media In reply to I will let you in on a se ...

Jeff Healey was a one of a kind talent, he could play so many intruments and guitar wasn't even his best(believe it or not). He was multitalented, respected by all musicians who wver crossed paths with him and was a pleasure to have known by all who met him. I met Jeff a few times when in town here, he was hilarious with his very dry wit (right up my alley), and left you stunned by showing how he mastered instruments you didn't realize he could even play.

While we are on teh JH memory wagon though, lets not forget Mr. Long John Baldry, who made Vancouver and the Yale hotel his haunt. While few people knew his name, few don't know the words to his music. He was never famous for sellign millions of albums, was never noted in teh big awards shows, yet was responsible for discovering and setting the the foundations for so many famed artists.

From Readers Digest: " John had a knack for discovering talent. Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck and Brian Jones all worked with him early on. Elton John played piano in one of his bands, other Rolling Stones too ? Charlie, Ron Wood, and Keith. In 1962, when The Rolling Stones were just getting started, they opened for him in London. Eric Clapton has said many times that John was one of the musicians that inspired him to play the Blues. And for their internationally televised special in 1964, The Beatles invited John to perform his version of 'I Got My Mojo Working'."

And one more memorial to a fine man who's life was lost at such an young age and before he got to see what his band would eventually become...gods of their genre.

Bonn Scott - former lead vocalist for AC/DC who died Feb.18, 1980.

That one's fresh in my head because I always hang the studio posters folded in half on Feb.18 to remember him (have done so annually since 1981).

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Sure you are

by Oz_Media In reply to I have your name

"Yeah, I'm one of them. But I am still one of us. Is that so bad?"

Ex cons always want to retain their roots when they become cops, but the first spliff you burn and it's off to see the bailiff for you. Once on the dark side, always on teh dark side. but some of those on the dark side play a pretty good game of 'acting abnormal' so we accept them, just as we do you too.

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Sounds like you are enjoying yourself immensely!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Visiting the TechRepublic ...

No real comments or suggestions at the moment as my brain is too buried in homework...
But I am looking forward to the podcast/s, appreciate reading your tidbits about those folks whose blogs I read and with whom I occasionally interact out here.
Just tell them I said thanks for the many years of great articles, blogs, and learning they have provided me. And the recent fun I have had since deciding to come out of lurk mode!

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