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By wesley.chin ·
I know that WinFS had been the killer thing in Vista until MS killed it. SO now, with the way Vista is right now, what is the next most valuable thing in the OS? Aside from search....

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The ability to get rid of it for XP? <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Vista
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The next most valuable thing in Vista is...

by TechExec2 In reply to Vista

The next most valuable thing in Vista is YOUR WASTED MONEY. :^0

But seriously...

I don't see a single good reason to upgrade to Vista, and I see many reasons not to. When it comes to Vista, just say NO, at least until SP2 in 1-2 more years. As for me, I flatly refuse to run an operating system that constantly phones home, falsely accuses millions of legitimate customers of being pirates, can falsely de-activate at any time, and makes legitimate customers call an offshore call center to regain access to their own computers. So, after 15 years of Windows, I upgraded to Kubuntu Linux (it's really good). That was my decision. Your decision is unique to you. Good luck.

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I too tried Vista at home

by Neil Higgins In reply to The next most valuable th ...

I bought the Business edition.Having used XP,since 2001,I installed it on my desktop.At first I thought it was ok.My printer would not work,even though I had the driver disc.My audio sounded very quiet.After searching the MS update site,no driver files for my "cheap" Lexmark printer could be found.Please install disc it said.Neither would it play ball with my audio.After a lot of forum(s) searching,I did download,and save to my pen-drive what I needed,but what a performance!!
The eye candy is pointless aka sidebar.I dont stare at it,and think "cool".I just switched it off.
I now use Ubuntu Linux on my laptop,having sold my desktop to a more "savy" friend.He likes a good challenge.
I wont go back to XP,as I use that every day at work,and Vista (have too) of course.As Tech has said,maybe when Vista SP2 is released I might have another look,but until then Ubuntu sees to all my needs,and works fine.
Sorry MS.Try and get it right with Windows 7 (Vienna),in 2010?

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